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Upstage Productions is a non-profit organization for youth singing and dancing performing groups comprised of six groups: UPSTAGE, Junior Upstage, Encore Company and three Sing & Dance Company age groups. UPSTAGE provides entertainment at no charge as a service to the community.  

To register, please download the registration form here!

For more information, please contact: Connie Savage or by phone: 916.765.0002.

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Grades 10th - 12th

Junior Upstage Company


Grades 8th - 11th

Encore Company


Grades 7th - 8th

Sing & Dance I


Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

Sing & Dance II


Grades 3rd - 4th

Sing & Dance III


Grades 5th - 6th

unique Service opportunities


Dedicated to Serving Our Community...

Upstage is a group of youth dedicated to bringing high-class entertainment to the community.  This company focused on developing skills in dance & singing.  Each member of the group is stretched beyond their current ability to help them grow and strengthen their self-confidence.  Upstage fosters an environment of respect and is a place where lasting friendships are made.


National & International Travel

Each year Upstage travels on a summer good-will tour to places such as Hawaii, New York, and Mexico. The youth love performing for the less fortunate and giving of their time & means to serve in orphanages, hospitals and other non-profit organizations. 


Local Service

Locally, the Upstage group performs for charities, schools, Chambers of Commerce, and even the Sacramento Kings NBA Basketball Games. Our members love to connect with people of all backgrounds to brighten their day and express their love through song, dance and activities.

Upstage Audition Information


Audition Information

We hold auditions each August for Upstage, Junior Upstage, and the Encore Company. 

There are no audition requirements for the Sing & Dance Company

Audition FAQ's

What do I wear?

Girls should wear a leotard under a comfortable top with stretch pants or dance pants. Come barefoot or wear dance shoes.  Young men should wear comfortable clothing and dance shoes or tennis shoes. 

What should I bring?

Youth need to bring a registration form with $40 registration/insurance payment (if they haven't already mailed it in).

What will the audition consist of?

Youth will be taught a short dance routine and will perform the routine in small groups. Youth should come prepared to sing a one-minute memorized song a cappella.

How can I prepare for the audition?

Girls/young men can memorize a one-minute song ahead of time. Youth can take  technique dance classes to prepare for the Upstage choreography. Ballet is highly recommended for girls.

Who can try out?
Youth (young men & girls) grades 7-8 can audition for the Encore Company.

Youth (young men & girls) grades 8-11 can audition for the Junior Upstage Company.

Youth (young men & girls) grades 10-12 can audition for the Upstage Company.

Youth can audition for more than one company. Teachers will place youth in the company appropriate according to their age and level of technique and experience.

Meet Our Staff

Connie Savage


Founding Director of Upstage Productions, Connie started the Sing & Dance Company in 1989 and launched the Upstage Company in 1999. Performing has always been a big part of Connie’s life.  She sang and danced for 10 years with Galena Street East, under the direction of Richard and Jeri Clinger, her wonderful mentors. 
Continuing her vocal studies in college, she earned money by recording songs for demo CD’s and a movie soundtrack.  She performed and traveled  with the BYU Young Ambassadors and was a featured soloist on their 1984 album.
Connie is the mother of five children and a grandmother of nine.  She loves working with children and youth and has found great joy in teaching hundreds of students over the past 30 years.

Rachel Ludlow


Rachel has worked with Upstage and the Sing & Dance Company for the past 17 years. She is the head choreographer for Upstage, Encore and the Sing & Dance Company and is the Director of the Junior Company.  

Since moving to the Sacramento area, Rachel has been involved with the Placer Theatre Ballet and has worked as a ballet, jazz, and modern dance instructor at Sierra College.  Rachel has five children and has a passion for dance and a love for her students.  

Rachel holds a Bachelor's of Arts Degree in composite dance from Brigham Young University, where she trained in many genres of dance.

Kate Murray


Kate performed with the BYU Ballroom Dance Company's Performance Team for three years and participated in winning national competitions.

Kate studied classical voice instruction and sings in community events.  She is a ballroom dance choreographer for the UPSTAGE Company and Vocal Instructor and Choreographer for the Sing & Dance Company. 

Kate earned a Bachelor's Degree in Business and a Composite Dance Minor from Brigham Young University. She has four children and Kate LOVES working with the youth of any age.

Robyn Alexander


Robyn is married to Robert Alexander and they have six children. She graduated from Brigham Young University in Elementary Education.  She has been singing and dancing her whole life and loves it!  In high school she performed and toured with Galena Street East and was a cheerleader. At BYU she sang in Women's Chorus and still loves to sing whenever she gets a chance. She has choreographed dances for Upstage Productions for many years now and it brings her the greatest joy working with everyone involved in this company! 

Kristin Lambourne


Kristin graduated from BYU Law School, with an undergraduate degree from BYU in Business Marketing and Public Relations, with a minor in Music. She went on 8 international tours with BYU performing groups, BYU Singers, A Cappella Choir, etc. She practiced law for 10 years and has taught private voice and piano lessons for 20 years. She and her husband are the parents of 3 beloved daughters! Kristin loves working with Upstage Productions and especially enjoys teaching choral music to the youth in preparation for their annual fireside and goodwill tour. 

Kaylynn Jibson